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Windows 7 end of life

If you're still using Windows 7, how will its upcoming end of life affect you?

If you have any questions on this or are looking to upgrade, get in touch!

11th Oct 2019
Can a computer fool you into thinking it is human?

This is an interesting read from the BBC Tech team - can a computer fool you into thinking it is human?

28th Sep 2019
How organisations can reduce the likelihood of malware infection

If malware is a mystery to you, this is a handy guide from the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) which tells you

how you can reduce your risk. If your business needs advice on this, we're happy to help!

25th Sep 2019
Who should take ownership of your cyber security strategy?

Who in your organisation should be responsible for your cyber security strategy? Some interesting thoughts

here looking at the importance of cyber security for businesses.

16th Sep 2019
Top software failures in recent history

Software failures affect some of the world's largest companies like O2 and British Airways - here are some of the

most recent examples.

9th Sep 2019
Enormous cost of cyber-attacks and extortion revealed in new study

South West businesses have lost £775 million in a year because of cyber attacks and extortion according to a recent

study. Get in touch to see how we can help protect your business

4th Sep 2019
St John Ambulance service hit by ransomware attack

This is an interesting analysis of how St John's Ambulance dealt with a recent ransomware attack - would your

organisation cope so well in a similar situation?

6th Aug 2019
IT strategies benefit from taking risks

Some interesting thoughts here about how IT strategies benefit from taking risks and being adaptable. Get in touch

to see how we can help you develop your IT strategy.

1st Aug 2019
Microsoft Teams now "bigger than Slack"

Microsoft claims Teams now ‘bigger than Slack’ - what collaboration software do you use in your business?

31st Jul 2019
What is a computer virus? Are you infected?

This article explains some of the key signs to look for with computer viruses - get in touch to see how we can protect

your organisation.

29th Jul 2019