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St John Ambulance service hit by ransomware attack

This is an interesting analysis of how St John's Ambulance dealt with a recent ransomware attack - would your organisation cope so well in a similar situation?

6th Aug 2019
IT strategies benefit from taking risks

Some interesting thoughts here about how IT strategies benefit from taking risks and being adaptable. Get in touch to see how we can help you develop your IT strategy.

1st Aug 2019
Microsoft Teams now "bigger than Slack"

Microsoft claims Teams now ‘bigger than Slack’ - what collaboration software do you use in your business?

31st Jul 2019
What is a computer virus? Are you infected?

This article explains some of the key signs to look for with computer viruses - get in touch to see how we can protect your organisation.

29th Jul 2019
Top software failures in recent history

From Facebook to the NHS and British Airways, take a look through some of the top software failures in recent history.

24th Jul 2019
Alan Turing Banknote Concept

Alan Turing, computing pioneer and code breaker whose work was fundamental to how we live today, is to be featured as the face of the new £50 note.

22nd Jul 2019
Looking at telecoms software, then and now

Telecoms software has changed a lot in recent years, as this article discusses. Why not get in touch to see how we can make sure your telecoms are up to date?

2nd Jul 2019
The Trouble with Phishing

Think you know how to spot a phishing email…? Some interesting information here from the NCSC

28th Jun 2019
Are we about to enter a golden era of mobile computing?

Some interesting thoughts here on how laptops are about to undergo design revolutions that will redefine the world of portable computing.

18th Jun 2019
Why cloud should be part of your disaster recovery strategy

Interesting reading here on why cloud should be part of your disaster recovery strategy - this is important for businesses of all sizes. Get in touch for advice on how to implement this in your business

10th Jun 2019