Introducing Cornish Lithium

Cornish Lithium knew they were on to a big opportunity back in 2019 when instead of drilling down to find nothing but solid rock, the eco-technology company discovered water containing lithium.  And the innovative British mineral exploration company has gone from strength to strength, discovering an additional source of lithium in another area of Cornwall. 

The ambitious projects are hugely important for the UK economy, given its sizeable automobile industry that employs about 800,000 people directly and indirectly, and the potential contribution towards the Green Industrial Revolution.

To truly capitalise on this ground-breaking opportunity using modern technology tools, the team needed more than the rudimentary email system and website they started with. 

Successfully installed a new, high-speed leased to ensure minimal downtime and consistent levels of productivity
Navigated additional mobility and operational complexities that presented an exciting new challenge for Aztek
Introduced a secure 10GB network setup which enabled the team to scale quickly and run software at lightning speeds
Implemented 3CX, a cloud-based phone system, allowing the team to transfer to an online environment as well as support the team out on the field
Set up Egnyte Secure Enterprise File Sharing and Sophos Firewall, ensuring Cornish Lithium’s data was protected with enterprise-grade security
Provided wider digital services including social media management and design.
Alleviated pressure for the whole Cornish Lithium team with Aztek handling all IT related issues
Created high levels of end user satisfaction with everything running effortlessly

Cornish Lithium’s challenge

As a data-driven company, Cornish Lithium needed a comprehensive cyber security setup that would also be highly auditable.  They also required highly powered, bespoke computing equipment that could handle software used to create geological maps and modelling. 

Although the forward-thinking company were looking for good value –  best-in-class equipment was imperative in supporting the growth plans of a modern mineral exploration operation.  And with a proportion of the Cornish Lithium team conducting their work out in the field and/or remotely, the team needed a feature-rich, cloud-based phone system. 

Above all, Cornish Lithium wanted to scale very quickly, therefore the technology had to support this ambition.

The solution and results

Being Cornish was very important for Cornish Lithium, and when possible, they like to operate with local companies that are capable of propelling the business forward. 

Aztek, having previously supported brand new businesses, found the rollout roadmap straightforward.  However, as the project developed, additional mobility and operational complexities become apparent, and the project evolved into an exciting new challenge for the Aztek team.

Jeremy Wrathall, Founder & CEO of Cornish Lithium – together with other key members of the team – were heavily involved in discussions around the project and the delivery of the solutions.

To ensure minimal downtime and consistent levels of productivity, a new, high-speed leased line was installed, with 4G in place as a failover.  Aztek was also proactive in pointing out where a system might fail if the company continued to grow at the pace they were doing so.

“We’re now frontrunners for some of the most advanced three-dimensional imaging software on the planet.”
- Jeremy Wrathall

To support high powered computing, mapping and 3D rendering, Aztek introduced a secure 10GB network setup.  No longer did it take half a day to render a model.  Instead, the new technology enabled the team to scale quickly and run software at lightning speeds.

3CX, the new cloud-based phone system, allowed the team to transfer to an online environment during the pandemic, as well as support the team out on the field.

“Because of Aztek, we were able to transfer to an online environment seamlessly”
- Jeremy Wrathall

Cloud servers, including Egnyte Secure Enterprise File Sharing, ensured Cornish Lithium’s data was protected with enterprise-grade security.  And the inclusion of a Sophos Firewall provided bulletproof cybersecurity.

The eco-technology company also discovered Aztek were far from one dimensional in their service offering.  As a one-stop shop for all things digital, Aztek Marketing took care of promotional videos, social media and the Cornish Lithium website.

“Aztek really have been part of our team, working hand in glove”
- Jeremy Wrathall

With Aztek’s fully managed IT support and digital marketing services, Jeremy Wrathall and the Cornish Lithium team experienced less pressure.  They were now able to focus more on their business, and less on IT issues.  Furthermore, high levels of end-user satisfaction were expected as everything now worked effortlessly.      

As Cornish Lithium invested in the right setup and technologies from the beginning, their long-term cost per head for IT support is as minimal as possible.  In the same vein, the best-in-class solutions will allow the company to experience high levels of adaptability and mobility going forward. 

Cornish Lithium ripped up the rule book in terms of exploration, and Aztek is proud to be supporting an innovative company in pursuit of a new dawn for energy transition.    

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