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Our broadband service is exclusively designed for the business market, so whether you’re looking to take advantage of FTTC availability or lightning-fast FTTP broadband – we have a business internet solution for you.
For guaranteed connectivity, speed and fault resolution, our leased lines are backed by financial SLA. And if your business is struggling with slow internet speeds, we offer fast and reliable wireless business broadband for your on-the-move workforce.

Workers lose 38 hours and £494 worth of productivity every

year due to poor connectivity and slow internet

Source: OnePoll survey

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Widely available and affordable for all business types, FTTC offers both the speed and performance your business needs to run smoothly.

How does FTTC broadband work?

FTTC conveniently reaches your business from the closest green street cabinet (you may have seen them around) by using fibre-optic cables. This provides your workforce with fast FTTC speeds and reliable broadband internet. As experienced FTTC providers, our qualified staff can offer you advice on whether this broadband option is right for your business needs.


FTTP broadband broadband goes one step further. With higher bandwidth capabilities, you get lightning-fast download and superior upload speeds. As experienced FTTP providers, our qualified staff can offer you advice on whether this broadband option is right for your business needs.

How does FTTP broadband work?

Rather than reaching your business from the green street cabinet, Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) travels directly from the internet provider. This cutting-edge technology provides your workforce with incredibly fast speeds to make high-quality video calls, online collaboration, and continuous access to hosted applications.

Leased lines for UK businesses

With access to all major business broadband and connectivity providers in the UK, we offer leased lines that are backed by financial SLA - delivering guaranteed connectivity, speed and fault resolution within predictable timescales.

What is a leased line and why have one?

A leased line provides your business with a dedicated, fixed-bandwidth connection that’s leased exclusively for you. If your business relies on a resilient and fast internet connection, a leased line enables you to receive a fast connection that isn’t affected by peak usage times.

Wireless Broadband

Our wireless broadband services provide fast connections that free your team from having to work from fixed locations. If your business is based in a remote area, our experts will advise you on the best rural broadband providers to save you money and ensure a secure, reliable connection.

What is Wireless Broadband?

If your business is struggling with slow connection speeds, wireless broadband provides your whole workforce with a fast, affordable, cableless solution. Wireless Fibre also enables rural businesses to access high-speed connections that other services may not be able to provide.

Why Work With Us?

Why Aztek?

Superfast connectivity
Our broadband service is exclusively designed for the business market, so you can take advantage of ultra-fast speeds, secure connections and cost-effective packages designed around you.
Reliable connections
Reliability is everything when your daily business operations depend on being online. We only use best-in-class hardware and trusted providers so you receive a connection you can count on again and again.
Experience connecting rural businesses
Being based in Cornwall means we’ve had experience helping rural businesses gain faster and reliable internet connections.
Customer-oriented mindset
We like to gain a deeper understanding of your business needs so we can deliver internet services that fully support your team, reduce long-term costs and move your business in the right direction.
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