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Voice Services

We offer a range of high-quality voice services to help you get the most from your business communications.

Businesses that switch to VoIP can reduce

the cost of their local and national calls by up to 40%

Source: tech.co

How We Can Help

Voice Services

Call packages
Our tailor-made call packages are designed to fit your business needs, including channel rental and call charges. Our easy-to-digest, monthly fixed prices means you won’t receive an unexpected bill at the end of the month.
Hosted numbers
Enjoy more features, greater flexibility and cost savings with our hosted numbers. Forget being tied down to a number just because of your physical location. We can give your business a local presence by creating virtual numbers with any UK area code.
SIP Trunks
Our SIP trunk solution works seamlessly with each of the leading IP PBX phone system providers, offering a flexible and cost-effective phone service for your
SMEs and enterprises with multiple sites can save on line rental and call costs, whilst your staff can benefit from FREE internal calls.

Why SIP trunks?

Have more control
SIP trunks are ideal if you’re moving, upsizing or downsizing but want to keep your existing numbers. Scale up lines during busy periods and back down again afterwards.
Easy scaling
The quantity of users on phone calls during peak hours will determine how many channels you’ll need. But don’t worry if you get this wrong - SIP trunks allow for quick and easy scaling.
Business continuity ready
SIP trunks are disaster recovery and business continuity ready, letting you re-route calls to an alternative location quickly and easily.
Why Work With Us?

Why Aztek?

300+ clients over 10 years
Since launching in 2009, we’ve built connections with hundreds of businesses across the South West and other areas of the UK.
Specialists in business communications
Our commitment providing technology solutions for today’s world has led us to become frontrunners in business communications.
Customer-oriented mindset
Rather than simply adopting a supplier/customer relationship, we like to gain a deeper understanding of your business challenges and aspirations. This allows us to implement cutting edge technology to support your team, reduce long-term costs and move your business in the right direction.
Fully qualified experts on your side
As well as years of technical experience and customer-oriented support on their side, our fully accredited team are constantly updating their skill set to ensure clients receive the latest technical expertise and products.

If you’re interested in our Voice services, please contact our expert team today or call 0330 056 2233.

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Voice Services

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