Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Protect your organisation against cyber-attacks today and avoid productivity loss, potential fines, or reputational damage.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Is Your Business Prepared For A Cyber Attack?

Our Cyber Security Risk Assessment examines six security capabilities – prevention, detection, response, governance, security foundations and threat intelligence.

We’ll evaluate your current IT security and infrastructure at a broad level, and provide a high-level picture of how prepared your business is to meet the threats you face, including things like:

How It Works

Our 5-Step Assessment Process

1. You speak, we listen

Firstly, we discuss your existing network and whether you have any major concerns or questions for us.

2. Health check

We comb through your network and provide an impartial risk report summarising your cyber security and IT infrastructure’s health status. We won’t install any software during this stage.

3. Determine vulnerabilities

After identifying all your network’s devices, we classify any internal or external vulnerabilities. This includes your security policies, Dark Web liabilities, and existing control measures.

4. Risk report

You’ll be given a risk report outlining our findings with details of any holes in your network. You’ll also be given a unique Risk Score from 1-100.

5. Follow up discussion

After taking you through our findings, we’ll recommend improvements or actions you can take to make your security protocols more robust, ensuring you’re fully protected and compliant.

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Why Get A Cyber Security Risk Assessment?

The threat of cybercrime is very real, and an attack could compromise your entire organisation, resulting in financial damage and unplanned downtime.
Don’t let obsolete hardware and software open you to cyber attacks and security breaches.
Ensure you’re meeting all your IT security compliance responsibilities and avoid unnecessary fines. Gain certifications and accreditations.
A successful attack could be damaging to your brand and overall reputation. Avoid this by shoring up your defences.

We Partner With Only The Best

We take a lot of care over the suppliers we work with because we know our clients rely on us as their trusted and impartial technology advisor.
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