Complementary IT Support

Complementary IT Support

We realise that every business is unique and that not all businesses will be suited to all-inclusive packages. This is why we offer a range of flexible options that align with your specific objectives.

Why Aztek?

  • Ad-hoc services
  • Helps your team members to return to their core duties
  • Access to thought leaders with innovative solutions
  • 'People before technology' mindset

We’ll integrate a tailor-made solution that works seamlessly alongside your existing infrastructure.

We're an extension of your team.

How We Can Help

IT Support Made Easy

1st, 2nd Line IT Support

Our commitment to building trusted relationships with our clients ensures our expert team works in harmony with your internal team – acting as a 1st line IT support for your end-users.
We use a ticketing system that is easy-to-use and regularly updated to ensure it provides maximum efficiency.
Our frontline team will do its best to resolve a user’s query, but challenging cases will be sent to our 3rd Line Support engineers, who will investigate your issue further.

3rd Line Escalation

Our highly skilled 3rd line experts help with more challenging IT problems. Working together with your internal team, they’ll help resolve problems to prevent your business losing money and wasting valuable time.
Ad-Hoc Extension
Dealing with high fluctuations of support tickets can keep your internal IT team off balance. Our ad-hoc extension services lessens the stress of uncertainly by providing extra support when things get too hectic.
Project Booster
Projects can be time consuming, complicated and often take a lot of planning. Whether it’s a major upgrade, relocation, or restructuring, we can provide additional expertise and resources to help you reach your goal.
Rapid Assistance
Delays in fixing business-critical failures, such as severs going down, can quickly lead to lost working hours and heightened stress. With our rapid assistance service, you’ll have peace of mind knowing a team of experienced engineers will be on the case straight away. We’ll also ensure your workforce are up to date at all times to avoid confusion and allow for better planning.
Out Of Hours Cover
In today’s flexible working world, you may have staff working at different times, such as shift workers, early starters or evening workers. But instead of having the headache and costs associated with employing more staff, our out of hours cover will provide assistance whenever your team need it.
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Complementary IT Support

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Our flexible approach doesn’t just end with our Complementary IT Support.
We adapt all our services to meet your requirements and act as your single-source solution for every ad-hoc need.

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