Is Your IT System Costing

You Time & Money?

Your IT system is a critical part of your business, so you’ll want to get the most out of it. Our free IT audit will help you:

Understand your existing IT setup
Understanding how your existing setup can meet its objectives plays a key role in future improvements. Our free IT audit enables you to streamline and make sense of your current infrastructure.
Improve performance
The audit will identify any existing issues in your IT setup – even those you're not aware of. We’ll assess performance, optimisation and connectivity across your hardware, networks and servers.
Reduce downtime
Poor infrastructure disrupts productivity – adding further costs due to downtime caused by system failures. We'll identify weaknesses within your IT system, and advise on potential issues.
Boost your cyber-security
Cyber-attacks are a significant threat to your business. We’ll scan for any errors within your IT setup that could leave your organisation vulnerable.
How It Works

Our 3-Step

Audit Process


We'll meet you

We’ll meet with you, either in person or remotely, to understand your business needs and gain an overview of your existing setup, including any performance issues you may have.

Perform your audit

We’ll undertake an audit of your existing setup and measure your IT infrastructure against current industry standards. Our audit process uses industry-leading tools and does not impact your existing systems or leave a trace of use.

Present our findings

We’ll report back with our findings, either in person or via a web call, and highlight any shortfalls and risks. Our experts will also recommend any potential improvements to your infrastructure.

Aztek is more than our IT company – they're an extension of our business. From building our IT infrastructure to looking at new ways we can innovate with technology, I cannot emphasise enough how pleased we are to be partnered with them.

Leah Marsh


The Benefits

How You'll Benefit

Align your IT setup
We’ll ensure your IT infrastructure aligns with your business needs and boost productivity.
Reduce costs
We will identify parts of your existing IT setup that you no longer need, are running inefficiently, or cost more than they should.
Utilise industry-leading technology
Partnering with Aztek connects you with cutting-edge technology to support your team, reduce long-term costs help grow your business.
Latest cyber-security updates
Cyber-security is vital to protecting your business against online threats. We’ll ensure the latest anti-virus and threat prevention tools are updated and running.