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Data Backup


No matter your type of business, you need a reliable data backup solution that protects your information and makes it readily accessible whenever you need it. Our virtualisation ready Managed Backup service gives you a range of options that will safeguard your critical business data and minimise the possibility of data loss, whether by human error, data corruption or hardware failure.

Managed Backup is primarily concerned with recovering lost data or information. Having a data backup in place will help protect your operation, whilst contributing towards your business continuity plans. Our solution is secure and affordable and offers data replication, back up and archiving, thus providing consistent data resilience – making it a realistic option for small businesses right up to medium to enterprise level. Peace of mind on all levels.

No business can afford to neglect data backup

The benefits

Peace of mind

Added peace of mind through risk minimisation

Investment protection

Protect your investment in hardware and software

Better budgeting

Plan your spend better with greater flexibility and scalabilty


Adjustable balance between security and costs

Minimum footprint

Achieved through remote management and monitoring

Comprehensive cover

Across all workstations and servers

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  • As a rule of thumb there will be more than one storage devices keeping copies of your files and data
  • Archiving to free up space and resources in favour of current data and files that are being worked on
  • Low maintenance technology that doesn’t require much intervention, but is reliable at the same time

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