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IT Procurement works best with a supplier who is impartial, interested in your long-term success, has strong vendor relationships and will balance cost against quality.

For more than 10 years, Aztek Business has been offering end-to-end IT procurement solutions. From pre-sales expertise and planning, to the purchasing, logistics and deployment of literally thousands of products. Our ability to procure almost any IT product on the market is testament to our reputation.

We can configure every type of IT infrastructure, from mobile phones, computers and servers to cloud data centres, providing the expertise that comes from accreditations from leading hardware and software suppliers.

Choosing and procuring the right technology is just the beginning of the IT supply chain challenge. Organisations also need to ensure effective asset tagging, configuration and deployment while maintaining technology standards and continuity of supply.



Servers, Virtualisation, Backup and storage solutions, Desktop PCs, MACs, Laptops, Notebooks, iPads and Monitors


Cloud and Hybrid solutions, Hosting, wired and wireless, switches, routers, UPS, Firewall, VPN solutions, Leased Lines and Fibre Broadband


Printer solutions, keyboards, mice, scanners, webcams etc.


Telephone systems, VolP handsets and accesories, PDA's, Mobile Devices and smart phones

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  • Willingness to listen - To hear you and understand what you need and expect
  • Flexibility - To cover all your needs, both in terms of technology and the services we offer
  • Strong vendor relationships - Fast sourcing and turn-around, sorting out any issues efficiently with expert knowledge and better support
  • Passion for tech - We can all talk a good talk, but the enthusiasm means our techs tend to provide that extra bit of helpfulness and dedication
  • Technical knowledge and experience - Technical ability to deliver is fundamental
  • Stability - A proven track record of growth and security means reliability, good credit with vendors and a proven track record of satisfied customers
  • Understanding of licensing - Software licensing can be very complicated – so many permutations and versions and varieties. If you get the wrong one it may not even work
  • Logistics handling - No boxes left around, but delivery coordinated with installation, including computers pre-configured on arrival if required. No mess or disruption
  • Dedicated account manager - Someone who gets to know you, your systems, and your ways of working
  • Support services - Support during and after procurement, and it’s genuine, broad technical knowledge
  • Willingness to share economies of scale with you - Like others, we generally get a bulk discount and we are delighted to share that with you

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