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Remote Working Solutions

Business as usual outside of the office

Whatever the circumstances for remote working, whether it's an active choice or a reaction to events beyond our control, it can bring benefits for individuals and for businesses. Remote working has become increasingly popular as technology has improved and facilitated a more flexible way of working. As a key part of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), businesses will have outlined how they will continue to function due to disruption or unforeseen events and the steps that can be taken to minimise the impact of these events.

If your business' IT infrastructure is cloud based, your employees will be able to work from home and seamlessly access shared data, files and information. Communication is also key. Cloud based VOIP telephony systems mean that workers can take their extension with them and can maintain productivity, wherever they are working. These systems also offer facilities such as easy to use video and call conferencing, helping workers stay in touch with business stakeholders such as customers, as well as improving internal communications to keep projects on track.

If one of our engineers is required on-site you'll benefit from discounted on-site hourly rates – saving you even more money!

Where we can help

Hosted cloud servers

Flexible, secure, resilient and cost efficient. Access control and file sharing. Secured sensitive data & Intellectual Property.

Centralised IT Management

Deploy and support remote employees by easily delivering app and resources via cloud desktops. Reduced hardware costs.

Cloud Phone System

Seamless connectivity and conferencing between colleagues, customers and suppliers. Hassle free web meetings, face to face communications.

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The service we received from Aztek is second to none. We have a great relationship and have received excellent support from Aztek as our managed services provider.

Making milestones in history is something we are delighted to achieve and the prominence of the business communications required to help us to do this should not be underestimated.

- IT Manager of Cornish Lithium

Your work goes where you go.