FREE Comms Audit

Is Your Business Struggling

With Effective Communications?

We’ll uncover if any part of your existing comms infrastructure is holding your business back.
Our evaluation can assess all areas of your communications, such as:
Are your current technologies ready to support remote working?
Are your business mobiles and other handsets adding value?
Do you have fast enough internet speeds to support your daily operations?
Could you benefit from a new cloud-based phone system?
How It Works

Our 5-Step

Audit Process


We listen to you

You know what challenges your business faces better than anyone, so we’ll listen to what you feel is working and what isn’t.

Understand your existing setup

Our experts will securely gather information about your current phone and internet usage, infrastructure and expenditure.


We’ll assess if any redundant services are causing inefficiencies. Our team will identify any cost advantages of switching to an Aztek service.

Clear proposal

Our easy-to-read proposal gives you clear picture of suggested improvements and a simplified cost breakdown.

Follow up and questions

After you’ve read the proposal, we’ll get in touch to see if you have any further questions. We’ll finalise the costs and let you know how long everything will take to complete.

The new leased line made a world of difference to us. We now have guaranteed uptime and business-critical access to our SAP system. We dispatched more in one month now than we did for a whole year!

Terry Boswell


The Benefits

How You'll Benefit

Reduce costs
We help to identify services you no longer need, that are running inefficiently or are costing more than they should.
Align connectivity
We’ll ensure your connectivity solutions are aligned to your business needs and boost productivity.
Cloud phone system specialists
Our commitment to provide technology solutions for today’s world has led us to become frontrunners in cloud phone systems.
Unified communications
Our unified communications remove frustration, boost productivity, and work with all sized businesses.