Private Cloud

Private Cloud

for Dynamic Businesses

Are you a data-intensive business that operates under strict privacy regulations? Or maybe you’re simply looking to benefit from the increased flexibility of a virtualised environment?
We’ll build you a bespoke cloud set up that maximises your resources and take care of ongoing management and monitoring so you can focus on your business.

Did you know?

72% of businesses use private cloud.

Source: Right Scale’s State of the Cloud Report

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Benefits of

Private Cloud

Designed for you
Having a dedicated cloud environment means you’ll have the flexibility to create a space that supports your specific business needs. This is in contrast to Public Cloud services, which offer less flexibility and no control because of the need to serve multiple businesses.
As you have complete control of your private cloud services, you won’t be competing with other businesses for space. Instead, you’ll be able to easily expand your cloud environment as your business grows.
Make compliance easier
Although all cloud environments require robust anti-virus and firewalls, public clouds are often considered less secure due to how they’re accessed.
Businesses that need to follow strict regulations will therefore need a private cloud to remove privacy concerns.
Why Work With Us?

Why Aztek?

Experts at delivering cloud solutions
Our focus on providing flexible solutions for today’s world has led us to become frontrunners in cloud technology solutions.
Partner with trusted UK Data Centres
We only partner with reputable UK Data Centres that provide first-class resiliency and connectivity.
Ongoing support and advice
Our ‘people before technology’ mindset and commitment to long term partnerships ensure our support doesn’t just stop after the installation. From cloud migration services to management, we make sure your cloud solution is always driving your business goals.
300+ clients over 10 years
Since launching in 2009, we’ve built connections with hundreds of businesses acrossthe South West and other areas of the UK.

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