Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing services uncover vulnerabilities in your IT systems so we can bolster your Cyber Security, keeping your business running smoothly.

Penetration Testing

Identify Weaknesses With Penetration Testing

Do you want to discover how vulnerable your IT systems are to potential intruders?

Our experienced penetration testers uncover weaknesses in your systems so actions can be taken to safeguard your network and protect sensitive data.

Pen testing

Infrastructure and Network Penetration Tests

Our Penetration Testing service thoroughly assesses your IT environment and its ability to withstand cyber-attacks. Our skilled testers can replicate the same methods and procedures employed by cybercriminals in a secure and controlled manner, guaranteeing no harm to your systems.
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Up to 88% of UK companies have suffered breaches in the last 12 months.

Source: Carbon Black Threat Research

Why Pentest Regularly?

Penetration tests, which are also known as pen tests, reveal information about how vulnerable your IT systems really are to potential intruders. The rest results can then be used to fill gaps in your cyber security to safeguard your network.

After years of building a brand image and winning trust from customers, the last thing you want is for your reputation to be tarnished indefinitely because of cybercriminals. Pen testing provides you with actionable data to protect brand and customer loyalty.

Identifying areas at risk of potential data leaks or malicious intrusions means you can quickly boost security to protect your customer, employee and other stakeholder data.

You must perform penetration testing as part of your legal compliance requirements. The ISO 27001 standard mandates that all managers or system owners regularly conduct penetration tests and security reviews, using skilled third-party testers.


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Why Choose Us

Why Use Us for Pentesting?

Our highly experienced pen testers have spent years working in cyber security. They use their complex technical knowledge to conduct ethical pen tests that uncover vulnerabilities in your network.

As well as years of technical experience and customer-oriented support on their side, our fully accredited team are constantly updating their cyber security knowledge to ensure clients are fully protected from the latest threats.

Cyber Essentials is a UK government-backed scheme supported by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Our cyber security experts can help your business become Cyber Essentials Certified, which not only provides protection from cyber threats but boosts your reputation and increases business efficiency.

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