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Cloud Solutions

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Do you want to gear your business up to support long-term remote working? Or maybe you’re looking for an affordable IT solution that allows you to scale whenever you need to?
We bring clarity to the confusing world of cloud technology by finding the right choice for your individual business needs.

Cloud Solutions for

Businesses of All Sizes

Private Cloud
Enjoy complete control of your environment without having to share your space with others. If you’re a larger business or need to meet compliance regulations, you can be reassured of the extra security our Private Cloud services provide.
Hybrid Cloud
Keep your assets close whilst still benefiting from greater flexibility and cost savings with our bespoke Hybrid Cloud solutions. With our customer-oriented approach, we’ll put your business visions first to create a cloud combination that supports your whole workforce.

94% of SMEs appreciate the security upgrade that comes with

adopting a cloud computing solution.

Source: Microsoft Office 365

How We Can Help

Benefits of

Cloud for Business

Instantly scale up and down
The high level of flexibility gained from cloud based services is great for businesses with changing needs and those looking to grow.
Instantly scale up to support increased web traffic or scale down in the low season. With the cloud, you’re always in control.
Save money
Investing in new technology can often be expensive, but cost savings with the cloud can be seen from day one. Using secure, remote servers removes the need for you to have your own in house storage equipment, as well as overheads such as software upgrades and ongoing maintenance.
Designed for remote working
Today’s employees expect businesses to be equipped with tools that allow them to work from different locations and easily communicate with other team members.
Fortunately, the cloud environment is perfectly positioned to support long term remote working – improving productivity and employee satisfaction.
Why Work With Us?

Why Aztek?

Single-source solution
Building a trusted relationship with us allows you to make the most of our extensive range of cloud services, without the headache of having to find multiple suppliers.
We cut out the jargon
Confused about the difference between IaaS, SaaS and PaaS? No problem. We explain everything clearly and adapt the way we talk to suit your level of technical knowledge.
Experts at delivering cloud solutions
Our focus on providing flexible solutions for today’s world has led us to become frontrunners in cloud technology solutions.
Ongoing support and advice
Our ‘people before technology’ mindset and commitment to long term partnerships ensure our support doesn’t just stop after the installation. From cloud migration services to management, we make sure your cloud solution is always driving your business goals.

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Cloud Solutions

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We’re a trusted, strategic technology partner to over 500 customers across a diverse range of sectors and sized businesses, from local SMEs to worldwide companies – achieving over 90% retention rate. Discover how we’ve helped them succeed.


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