Cyber Security

Our extensive range of cyber security solutions protects your business from financial loss, major disruption and a damaged reputation.

Cyber Security

Single Source Cyber Security

Are you worried about the harmful impact a cyber security attack would have on your business? Small and medium sized businesses are just as vulnerable as large enterprises, but many don’t have enough protection to stop a costly breach.

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This form of malicious software is increasingly being used to target smaller businesses. Often delivered via malicious emails, it scrambles your sensitive data and demands a ransom in order to get it back.

Ways to prevent ransomware attacks:

  • User awareness training so team members know what to look out for.
  • Strong malware protection and antivirus.
  • Regular software updates, and managed backups to recover data.

Often highly convincing to those without User Awareness training, phishing attacks attempt to steal sensitive information under the disguise of a trusted source, such as a bank.

How to prevent phishing attacks:

  • Run phishing simulation tests on a regular basis.
  • Use up to date antivirus, with phishing protection.
  • Ensure spam filters are active, and do not give away sensitive information.

Anyone who has inside knowledge and access to your organisation’s confidential information poses a significant security risk. Employees could leak data either accidentally or with malicious intent, resulting in potentially damaging consequences.

Ways to avoid insider threats:

  • User awareness training to improve the handling of sensitive data.
  • Strict permission control to data, and staff behaviour monitoring within legal requirements.
  • Portable device management e.g. USB sticks, external hard drives.

Although news headlines relating to cyber-attacks often involve large companies, hackers are increasingly targeting smaller businesses. Hackers are taking advantage of SME’s lack of knowledge and resources required to protect their valuable data.

How to prevent a hacking attack:

  • User awareness training so users can spot suspicious contacts.
  • Use network firewalls to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Management for adding and removal of permissions, and data access security.

Cyber Security Solutions for Businesses

Whatever sized business you have, our IT security solutions help prevent you from suffering financial loss, major disruption to your operations, and a damaged reputation.

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