Ignition Credit

Leading asset finance providers Ignition Credit saw dilapidated IT
replaced with the latest cloud-based technology.

Ignition Credit

Introducing Ignition Credit

Cornwall based Ignition Credit, a leading provider of asset finance, place customer care at the forefront of everything they do. Whether it’s tailored financial solutions to fit unique customer circumstances, or their unrivalled 24 hour quote-to-confirmation turnaround, Ignition Credit drive home a flexible, friendly and positive attitude in their services and core values.

Yet a lack of reliability and mobility in their phone system, exacerbated by outdated and inefficient technologies, were preventing the team of experienced professionals from fulfilling their care promise.


Ignition Credit's Challenges

With a poor connectivity setup, inconsistent approach to IT hardware procurement, and incoherent data management, Ignition Credit were grappling with high support, maintenance, and client servicing costs.

And their technology challenges were further hampered by an IT service provider that was one and a half hours away, meaning a big system failure or hardware problem requiring physical visits were at the very least an inconvenience, and at worst costing the business in the form of downtime.

Employees were being slowed down by legacy systems that failed to meet the standards of a modern-day IT infrastructure. It was time for a change.


Solution and Results

With us having a local presence, partnering with us felt like a natural choice for Ignition Credit – having all the positives of a company big enough to support Ignition’s growth plans.

Following an free IT audit, which uncovered some useful insights, it was soon determined that a cloud-based approach would support Ignition Credit’s ambitions to grow their remote capabilities.

In addition, high speed internet would allow the team to work more efficiently. Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) with 4G as a failover was installed by our experienced comms team – and the results were quickly welcomed.  Employees could now do their job quicker, and enabled them to provide a faster service to their customers.

A cloud-based phone system transformed how the workforce communicated. 90% of Ignition Credit’s employees moved from having an outdated handset to a state of the art, multi-functional headset. The sales team were now able to multi-task effectively – inputting customer details to the system on the fly, rather than inefficiently taking notes and adding information afterwards. Even more useful was the ability to record calls (with data protection measures in place) to refer to specifics that were missed first time around.

Virtual private servers (VPS) provided Remote Desktop access, and proved to be the most critical IT change Ignition Credit have made in the past five years. The transformation allowed employees the flexibility to work from anywhere, at anytime and any place.

The introduction of a an IT procurement policy meant purchases became more relevant to the role of the individual or requirement of the task. All of Ignition Credit’s managers and directors could now easily move from having a standard desktop to an efficient docking system that allowed them to work from anywhere – with smaller changes extending to the sales team.

"The IT was slow and dilapidated for our office workers. Instead of hours of explaining, Aztek got us straight away. 90% of our employees moved to a cloud-based headset. Remote Desktop was the most critical IT change we’ve made in the past five years. Our employees think the new CRM is the next thing since sliced bread!"

Aztek rolled out a new web-based sales CRM, Pipedrive, across the company, providing centralised access to client and deal information. Instead of having to commit to a 24 month licence, as with their previous Customer Relationship Management system, Pipedrive, provided greater flexibility with a rolling monthly contract. Ignition Credit’s initial concerns about the high quantity and complexity of data involved in the migration were alleviated by our experience and knowledge – and the process was a success.

Overall, Ignition Credit’s IT transformation has led to faster and more reliable connectivity, higher levels of productivity amongst the team, improved internal and external communication and enhanced remote capabilities. The financial services company is always looking to further improve their technology, and we continue to support them with future growth plans.


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