4Ward Group

How custom software development helped the 4Ward Group become one of fastest growing waste management companies.

Introducing 4Ward Group


Founded by Jon Ward in 2017, 4Ward Group is a commercial waste management and recycling company based in Cornwall, South West England.

The 4Ward Group encompasses two waste management companies: South West Waste and Wascle. While each business differs in their operations, both are driven by 4Ward Group’s key goals:

  • To leverage their expertise and the most up-to-date technology to provide a flexible and reliable waste management solution;
  • To offer the friendliest and most streamlined customer experience on the market; and
  • To meet and exceed their environmental responsibilities regarding landfill diversion and achieving net zero.

In just a few short years, they have become the fastest growing waste management company in the South West. However, such rapid expansion, coupled with an ever-increasing area of operations, has presented its own unique set of challenges.


4Ward Group's Challenges

With 4Ward Group, there were several challenges that they required to overcome for their operations to run as smoothly as possible. Their business model is dependent on allocating work to their sub-contractors in real-time, across a large geographical area. These contractors needed a place to access their jobs on the go, while team members needed to be able to assign these efficiently as they came in.

They also required a more efficient way to manage their client data, handle complex billing protocols, and move away from their dependence on cumbersome spreadsheets and PDF forms. Plus, they needed to achieve all this while meeting their environmental compliance responsibilities.

Essentially, 4Ward Group used various software, tools and systems to manage their workload, client communications, billing, and other day-to-day operations. Not only was this overly complex, but it was time-consuming and far too inefficient. They needed a way to centralise their business management and get ahead of the competition. They need a bespoke, all in one software system that could handle all of the above and scale with them as they grew.

On a more human level, it was also very important for 4Ward Group to work with a company that was flexible and could adapt to the evolving needs of the business. In the same regard, it was vital that they worked with someone who would take on board their opinion and regularly check in for status updates.


Solution and Results

We had already worked with 4Ward Group in the past on other smaller development projects. As such, they knew how we liked to work and how much we valued customer-facing interactions and ongoing cooperation.

But this was a brand-new challenge for us, as we had never worked in the waste management sector before. We knew it was vital that we take the time to get things right. So, our expert developers spent several days with Jon and the 4Ward Group team hashing out everything they needed from their new software. We left no stone unturned and, after several days of planning, we got to work.

Within 9-months, we had built a bespoke web application from the ground up. This new all-in-one solution included a management dashboard, client portal, accounting integration, billing facilities, a mobile app for iOS and Android, and job allocation resources amongst other things.

Now, 4Ward Group could run all their business operations from one place, reducing complexity, and facilitating new staff onboarding, client acquisition, and allowing them to grow their operations on a nation-wide scale. The software also has built-in features which ensures that they remain wholly compliant and can adapt to any legislative changes within the waste management industry.

But what did our custom-built software mean for 4Ward Group in real terms? They have been able to set themselves apart from the competition and offer services that others cannot. It allows them to be flexible and easily manage their ever-increasing workload. They even won business from one of the region’s largest housing associations on the back of the services and data reports that were made possible as a result of the software we built.

When you partner with us for custom software development, you’ll have a tool that evolves as your business does.

But maybe Jon can say it better than we can…

"With Aztek’s custom built web application, we’ve completely changed the way we do business. We now have an all-in-one software that handles everything, from client and labour management to billing. It’s been a complete and total game changer!"
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