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Why The Healthcare Sector Is A Prime Target For Cybercriminals

Organisations around the world are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks and pose a risk to the daily running of vital tasks that people rely on. Back in May 2017, a global ransomware attack, WannaCry, caused havoc on computers around the world, including machines owned by the NHS. Though there was a heightened concern around the impact of cyber-attacks and the tightening of cybersecurity, the healthcare sector continues to be a prime target for cybercriminals in numerous ways.

5 Windows 11 Features You Should Know About Before Upgrading

You may have been unaware, but Windows 11 is officially out in the wild. Yes, that’s right – on October 5th 2021, Microsoft launched its new operating system. But whether you wait for Microsoft to surprise you with a prompt, or use the Windows 11 Installation Assistant, you’ll want to have the heads up on what’s new in this latest version of the Windows operating system.

What Will The Future Of Video Conferencing Look Like?

Video conferencing certainly isn’t new – its use started as far back as 1964. But since then, advances in voice over IP (VoIP) applications and access to high-speed internet has meant the technology was already part of many of our lives. But the Covid-19 pandemic placed video conferencing in the global spotlight like never before, and the role this technology has had in keeping the industry wheels turning cannot be overstated.

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