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Does your team need a fresh perspective for a new project or some reassurance before you make a big change? Or maybe your IT team are overloaded and struggling to concentrate on core operations?
Our IT consultants use their years of experience and knowledge to propel your business visions forward and streamline your processes – allowing your employees to focus on their daily tasks without distraction.

The market for technology and IT consulting services

is estimated to be worth $48 billion.


How We Can Help

Benefits of our

IT Consultancy

Boost productivity
With our ‘people before technology’ approach, we first focus on what communication challenges your workforce face. We then suggest cost-effective solutions and strategies to better connect your team and boost productivity.
Align skills to tasks
People are often happier when they can focus on what they do best. Our IT consultants help align assignments to the best person, improving employee satisfaction and reducing distractions.
Cost effective
Hiring a full time IT consultant can be expensive and unnecessary for a small business. Our cost-effective, ad-hoc consultancy gives you the reassurance and support you need for any sized project.

Understand your needs

Before we get going with your project, we’ll evaluate your individual business needs, future goals and desired results.


Plan of action

Once we have everything we need, we’ll start putting together an easy-to-digest action plan. We’ll keep in touch with you regularly to ensure a smooth process and maximum flexibility.


Design your vision

Using the information we’ve gained about your needs along with the plan of action, we’ll start designing your vision.


Kick-start project

When you’re happy, we’ll kick-start your project – bringing you one step closer to achieving your business aspirations.


Ad-hoc support

Our support doesn’t stop here. Our experts will be on-hand to help with everyday management and strategic guidance to cover your evolving business needs.

Why Work With Us?

Why Aztek?

As a customer-oriented company, we like to gain a deeper understanding of your business challenges and aspirations. This allows us to implement cutting edge technology to support your team, reduce long-term costs and move your business in the right direction.
Access to technology thought leaders
Partnering with us means you’ll have access to technology thought leaders who’ll revitalise your projects and business aspirations.
Technical talk translated into plain English
We understand that everyone has different levels of IT knowledge, which is why we communicate with your workforce using plain English.
300+ clients over 10 years
Since launching in 2009, we’ve built connections with hundreds of businesses across the South West and other areas of the UK.

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IT Consultancy

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